Monday, 29 May 2017

3 Ways to Transform Your Passion to Business by Antose Antony

A few people invest years devoting useful free time to a specific hobby or passion that touches off their soul while holding during a day job. When they grow up they dream to convert their passion into business. If you are one of them, follow the principles of Antose Antony. He is a great business man and has great strategies that will help you out to accomplish your goal.
Follow his strategies that are mentioned below and take your first step ahead-

1. Ask yourself important questions about your passion and your funds

Transitioning from moonlighting to working on your passion project full time can be an intense adventure, so you should be unflinching in your dedication. When your passion turns into your employment, there will be a day when it's no longer fun and begins to feel like work.
You additionally should be practical about funds. Forgoing a steady employment and is one of the hardest parts of the process, but if you get innovative, you can make your passion profitable. 

2. Before heading towards your passion, get some experience

After deciding you are focused on transforming your passion into benefit, it may appear to be enticing to stroll into your boss’s office, toss down your letter of resignation and transform your passion project into an all day work. In any case, it's basic you have the experience required to prevail before you quit your normal everyday employment.

Arm yourself with as much information reasonably be expected, then contact your system and interface with different business visionaries to ask for advice, and in addition the advantages and challenging parts of maintaining a business. It's ideal to know their legit suppositions now before you strike out all alone.

3. Take the plunge and commit to your passion

When you recognize what you need to do and have all the fundamental experience that is an ideal opportunity to strike out all alone. This may be the most intimidating portion of the process – you're formally taking off the training wheels, after all – yet setting up a solid emotionally supportive network and a good plan of action will offer assistance.

In particular, give yourself an opportunity to succeed. Hold on to the passion that drove you first and foremost and before you know it, business will thrive.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

4 Business Trends That Will Boom In 2017 – Antose Antony

As now you are already entered in 2017, so it's a great opportunity to look to the trends that will change how you do business. A report has anticipated that 2017 will be a troublesome year, amid which more than three million company boss are set to resign, leaving those jobs completely open for upcoming young professionals.

Here are four more trends suggested by Antose Antony that will make a sprinkle in 2017.

1. Elevated customer engagement

We have as of now observed a move on how brands draw in customers - face to face and digitally. Customer engagement will keep on dominating as traders move to digital-based plan of action. Customers need brands to turn out to be experts on them and to be treated as though they matter -- which they do. If companies demonstrate that they're customizing their experiences, rather than just selling something, those activities will develop trust, minister the quality of the product and deliver value.

2. Customer data collection

Brands have constantly gathered information on their customers yet are just now figuring out how to utilize it further bolstering their good fortune. The Internet of Things (IoT) is one approach to expand customer engagement and provide brands an approach to assemble more grounded connections. Reliability programs provide numerous purposes association through objects effectively available in our environment.

3. Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding isn't something individuals consider when talking business. Rather, they connect it with movies, artisan projects and other forte enterprises. Be that as it may, more organizations are utilizing crowdfunding to approve their own particular products in the market.

4. Specialization

Gone are the days when organizations would procure one individual to do various tasks. These days, organizations are employing specialists who are allotted to impeccable one skill, rather than attempting to be capable in ten.

As per Antose Antony Bangalore, while business visionaries should always keep an eye on rising techniques and upcoming technologies, bear in mind to recall the essentials - money, sales and great people. Having this strong establishment set up will permit you to concentrate on the master plan and advance your business.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

How to Protect You Small Business from Economic Crisis

The economy develops and diminishes on account of thousands of autonomous factors. It has been experienced by entrepreneurs, commonly of gigantic spending and development, as well as economic downturns where spending stops and organizations and purchasers wherever endure the outcomes.

Prepare for an Economic Crisis

An economic downturn could be appropriate around the corner — a probability regardless of how great or terrible things look—How can you prevent your business from an economic recession?
You can protect your small business from the economic downturn with these simple tips of Antose Antony. Such as:

·        Expand Your Client Pool

Your first job is to expand your customer base or client base. If you have one noteworthy client you depend on for your wage and that customer is hit hard by the downturn, you may lose by far most of your business. If you have loads of smaller clients, all from various regions, you can stand to lose more than one of them and still survive without much issue.

·        Having an Emergency Plan

Simply realizing what your organization would do in a crisis can save you from nonsense if it really happens. "Emergency" here is utilized freely; you could categorize an economic emergency as losing one of your top clients, running low on available cash, encountering a major decrease in sales, or being compelled to close one of your physical areas. Think things through, and have a course of action prepared in case the unforeseen happens.

·        Understand the Unique Demands of Your Industry

Do some exploration into your industry and competition if you can, and look into what has occurred amid past downturns.

·        Ready for Potential Budget Cuts

If your income accidents or you generally begin experiencing difficulty making ends meet, our lone choice will be to temporarily diminish spending.  In case of such an emergency, it pays to have a plan made ahead of time, understanding where you would make spending cuts.

·        Have Alternate Sources of Income

You can safeguard your investment against revenue loss by building up more diverse sources of income and that goes past diversifying your client base.


If you can follow these useful tips of Antose Antony Bangalore
proactively, while your business is flourishing in financial thriving, you'll have a much simpler time exploring the following inescapable markets collapse to come.

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Antose Antony Key Tips Turn Your Passion to Profitable Business

Do you have an amazing business idea that you are passionate about? Because passion is good quality to take into a startup. When you are looking to start a business in a new area then passion plays a critical ingredient, but your passion come in light when it is having an access in market that’s accepting to pay you what you’re offering.

According to Antose Antony Bangalore, a successful businessman, Passion without profitable market is waste for your business. So it is required to combine your passion and your product for profit.

In conjunction with passion, there are several key facts by Antose Antony that to be taken to build a brand that have long existence in the marketplace.

·         Collect relevant data

One of the challenges the business owners face when working so closely with a product they are passionate about is loss of objectivity. It is essential to highlight the key pointy to ensure customers know the value of the product. To do this gather the unbiased information to claim that there is strong need of the particular product in market. Also you can collect data concerning the customers who show their interest in product. Take key data points of preference of targeted audience. This will help in marketing efforts and retain money while expanding the business.

·         Invest in financial expert

One of the most important idea to take into consideration that to hire an expert that holds the responsibility to manage company’s cash flow properly such as taxes, finances and pricing. Look for someone who is having an experience in inventory control, sales function, and payroll and have an ability to forecast properly.

·         Think regionally

It is essential to think regionally and pursue one or two key markets or retailers who have shown their interest and need for the offering, and build up the creditability in those markets and retailer before expanding nationally. Business can achieve this by providing an experience for consumers through sampling and testing in select regions.

It is important to establish yourself within market and target the consumers who show their interest in your product. By using these strategies to increase the target audience, you will support incremental business growth in a way that it is manageable and successful.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Tips for business success by Antose Antony

According to Antose Antony Bangalore a successful businessman, to succeed in business you need to be more flexible, have a good planning and organizational skills.

Starting business is not just limited to open a company, sit on the chair and start computer to do your stuff. Your business requires proper command on how do you manage your business, how much responsible and strategic you are. You can’t start making money from day one. You have to learn more and more to compete with your competitors. This is the only key to beat competition and achieve success.

This has also seen that the underdog team or the player win over the talented one, the reason behind this winning must be their attitude. Your success depends on your attitude towards work.

Below are given useful tips by Antose Antony to provide you right mindset for achieving business success.

·         Have Passion for business- Your passion will help you to overcome the difficult time and convince people to work for you to do business with you.

·         Be flexible- Your plans and strategies will change with time. This flexibility for rapid change is advantage of small over large business. Don’t compromise on core values

·         Don’t feel fear of failure- Failure is an opportunity to learn. You should learn from your failure and motivate yourself to move forward with new ideas.

·         Proper work ethics- Your employees follow your lead. This will help you to beat your competition by outworking them.

·         Overcome quickly from setbacks- It’s good to learn from mistakes. There are plenty of ups and downs when you build up your business. Learn from them and move on.

Many leadership and organizational drawbacks can be overcome or reduce with the good attitudes mentioned above. All can be learned execpt passion which you have to develop within.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Antose Antony tips start business with zero investment

In this era, everybody wants to be financially strong and self-sufficient. From students to homemakers, have a great desire to start their own business so as to implement their skills and earn at their own pace because this gives them freedom and flexibility to work. Creating and maintain a business is as important as becoming a rich. This is just a way to pursue your passion and fulfill your dreams while contributing to the society.

Today starting a business is a cakewalk, provided you how to strike the right strings. Your dedication and passion to make your dream come true should keep you afloat even if you don’t have funds to invest. Antose Antony Bangalore helps you to explore lots of opportunity that will definitely proves boon for all those who wants to start business at no investment through these ways:

v   Initiate with social media: Social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram seems like an obvious choice but if you know how to strategise your content in right manner then this platform will prove a great boon to your business. You need to display your products that you have to offer in a way that lure your target audience and generate some interest.

v   Search free selling platforms: There are various platforms that allow you to list your products for free which gives your brand better exposure and services without spending a penny on marketing. They only charge small amount as commission on each sale. Websites like Amazon, ebay and more are great websites to sell products.

v   Exchange to get what you want: It is hard to start any business with no investment. But you can collaborate with companies that can help you to market your products in exchange for your services.You can reach out to celebreites to promote your brand if you want, you can always send them your products as a gifts to express your gratitude.

v   Utilise low-cost services: There are few services available in the market for which you will have to pay to ensure your business gets the necessary feed to nurture and grow.Always scout for business management applications that are available at negiligible monthly amount.

These powerful tips of AntoseAntony will help you to fulfill your dreams and convert your passion into a great business.